About Us

Your DJs at a Revolutions event will consist of either one or both resident selectors. Rob and Shukie have extensive experience of hosting events and throwing parties in and around the London area, as well as further afield. Coming of age in the 80s and 90s has meant the boys received a first-hand education into the fertile club scenes of the time, while also gaining a keen insight into how a great party should sound.

Whether it’s an old-school vinyl selection tailored to connoisseurs, or a slightly more modern set of soul, house, disco, and R&B geared to the masses, you can rest assured of a professional and flexible service that puts the dancers first. As ardent music fans, we enjoy bringing new discoveries and seldom heard treasures back into the club, while also paying respect to latter-day classics.

Where space perhaps doesn’t quite permit a live DJ set up, we can provide carefully curated music playlists that can match the mood and energy of a busy bar or restaurant, incorporating specific themes or genres.

For a little taste of our skills, check out the audio page. To find out where we are playing out next, check our event diary.

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