Rob Coley – DJ Bio

A seasoned DJ, radio host, and promoter, Rob has thrived in London’s vibrant music scene for 25+ years. With an eclectic taste in deep house, disco, jazz, Afro-Latin, and more, he fuels his passion for music online, through radio and his local events.

Residing in the vibrant locale of East London, Rob has immersed himself in the city’s music scene for over a quarter-century, establishing himself as a seasoned DJ, radio host, programmer, promoter, and devoted music enthusiast. His discerning musical tastes encompass an eclectic spectrum of genres, including deep, soulful and spiritual house, underground and classic disco and boogie, broken beat, timeless jazz, Afro-Latin grooves, and the occasional neo-soul or hip-hop pick. Rob’s unwavering passion lies in the exploration of both contemporary sounds and hidden musical gems from the past, sharing these beloved selections with a broader audience via online platforms on a global scale, or through the organisation and delivery of his local events in and around London.

In 2001, following a relocation to London from his hometown of Leicester, where he had established his first DJ residencies, Rob wasted no time and founded Soul-Identity Music. This pioneering venture seamlessly merged a 24-hour online radio station promoting the best in neo-soul, broken beat, hip, house and jazz and paired it with an online music store driven by many of the key labels of the day. This later evolved into a series of exclusive basement, club, and boat parties featuring well-known artists such as Greg Wilson, Domu, DJ Format, and Nik Weston. Recognised for his technological talent, as well as his promoting expertise, Rob swiftly assumed the role of overseeing and organising the weekly Jazz Meet event, as well as holding down a bimonthly resident DJ spot. This pivotal East London gathering played a vital role in fostering the growth of a new era of live jazz in London, delivering a platform for aspiring DJs and bands to showcase their skills and gain invaluable experience in a vibrant and interactive environment. Guests included an emerging Greg Foat Group, as well as Jessica Lauren, Emanative, Finn Peters, Tom Skinner, and singers Heidi Vogel and Imaani, as well as DJs such as Dom Servini, Rebecca Vasmant, Marcia Carr and Simon Lee of Faze Action. The Jazz Meet community expanded globally online via the use of Mixcloud, encompassing today almost 15K members.

Before the onset of the pandemic in the United Kingdom, Rob remained actively involved in organising monthly record fairs under the moniker Dig A Little, and collaborating with DJ and producer Shukie, known for his assorted productions for the Goya Music family. Together, they established a regular DJ night under the name Revolutions, frequent get-togethers soundtracked by the sound of infectious, danceable rhythms of original funk, boogie, disco, and classic New York house grooves. Currently, Rob continues to dedicate his time to performing, as well as coordinating, and booking events with esteemed overseas guests from the diverse DJ community whenever the opportunity arises. Moreover, following the conclusion of his two-year tenure with Universal Rhythms due to the station’s closure, he has embarked on another independent endeavour, hosting his Lost in the Rhythm radio show via Mixcloud and YouTube. Here, he meticulously curates new deep, afro, and soulful house tracks and invites selected guests to do the same. There are whispers of an upcoming record label associated with this brand, with the aim of showcasing the emerging generation of producers he has encountered during his transformative musical journey throughout the pandemic. Finally, Rob continues to actively engage his audience through, where he contributes to a number of weekly events as part of the now internationally renowned Saturday Night Experience and Feels Like Friday online collectives, regularly sharing the stage with a variety of established and emerging selectors from around the globe.

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