Radio Show

Every month we supply the amazing Universal Rhythms radio project a loosely curated monthly broadcast in conjunction with Manchester’s Wayout Records collective. Light on chat but heavy on tunes, expect to hear the latest in deep, soulful and organic house sounds, with a few back in the day bits and pieces to keep things unique. We archive the shows on our Mixcloud at the beginning of the following month.

A Revolutions Dance Party – Wayout Presents on Universal Rhythms – June 2021

  1. Gianni Gebbia | Vedersi Passare Le Cose Attorno (Unreleased) (Utopia Records)
  2. Jazzanova | Dance To Dance (Atjazz Remix) (Sonar Kollektiv)
  3. Lars Bartkuhn | Human (Inner Experience) (Visions)
  4. Vangelis Stefanpoulos | Mgd (Aris Kokou Soulful Journey Mix) (Deep Soul Space)
  5. Trans Of Life | Delight Earth (Teddy Douglas Remix) (King Street Sounds)
  6. Dj Said | Fatback Villa (Piano Mix) (Chez Music)
  7. Gene Hunt | For The Day (Strictly Jaz Unit)
  8. Tomahawk Bang | Dancing With Her Under The Red Light (Catch The Ghost Records)
  9. Juliet Mendoza | Soul Rhythm (Dusk Recordings)
  10. Beatkozina & Radouan Naim | Sirocco (Cee Elassad Remix) (Turntables On The Hudson)
  11. Beatkozina feat Diane Feria | Derumba (Nulu)
  12. Muzungu | Yara Mi (Tribal Winds)
  13. Dany Cohiba | El Paseo Del Abuelo (Arawakan)
  14. Mateo & Matos | New York Style (Spiritual Life)
  15. Osunlade & Carlos Mena | Los Tambores Te Llaman (The Heavy Quarterz 3am Dose) (Ocha)
  16. Richard Earnshaw & Kholi | Addicted (Vocal Mix) (Foliage)
  17. Maurice Joshua, Joyce Hurley | We Fall Down (Oscar P Nude Drum Mix) (Maurice Joshua Digital)
  18. Dj Randall Smooth | Smooth’s Beautiful (Bandcamp)
  19. Toshi & Timmy Regisford | Yedo (Ddr Remix) (Bandcamp)
  20. Coflo | Orcas Lawrdz (Catch The Ghost Records)
  21. Trinidadeandeep | Dubby Bashment (Bandcamp)
  22. Nikki O & Thatmanmonkz | Black Sugar Honey (Shadeleaf Music)
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